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Artist Brand

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The Allrounder Artist Brand connecting people for your entertainment purposes.

Independent, Creative, Versatile and Flexible.

Our creative processes are based on trust, respect, communication and loyalty. Our guarantee is a professional, transparent, creative, inclusive and fun business partnership to reach collectively the desired goals.

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I’m in constant collaboration with a range of companies, brands and agencies to achieve a collective goal in the fashion, art, music and entertainment industries.

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There is no limit to creativity!

Trust the process!


Solo Artist


Solo Artist

Model Coach

Solo Artist or with Team

Event Planner

Solo Artist or with Team

Other services:

Personal Shopper / Stylist

Event Promotion in person / Flyer

Door Lady / Selector / Bouncer

Or just…

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Open for Artist collaborations:
If you have Art you want printed on my products, let me know!
I am looking for Art donations to support my cause.
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“Mokka Spectrum and I met on the 11/11/11, atop a scenic look out tower located on the lush grounds and on site, where a small festival gathering in rural Victoria was taking place. Her passion for music is undeniable and indisputable. Music production that can usher in the zone for her coupled with her visceral response to it and engagement exhibits one of her many inimitable qualities she exudes among her mighty ‘spectrum’ of native to creative joys…”
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Currently active Job Titles

(Regularly updated, as projects come in) :

Model, DJ, Bartender, Event Security, Online Magazine Publication Editor, Project Manager/ Creative Director, Actress, PR

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