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Let me introduce you to ElfTranzporter, the Melbourne MC Legend!!!

In short, he is a unique, talented, energetic, funny, passionate, shinning bright soul, friend and lyrical activist from Downunder!

Photo by Monkey Marc

This is ElfTranzporter’s Testimonial to me:

“Mokka Spectrum and I met on 11/11/11, atop a scenic look out tower located on the lush grounds and on site, where a small festival gathering in rural Victoria was taking place. 

Her passion for music is undeniable and indisputable. 

Music production that can usher in the zone for her coupled with her visceral response to it and engagement exhibits one of her many inimitable qualities she exudes among her mighty ‘spectrum’ of native to creative joys. 

When it comes to her sessions on the dance floor, woe is anyone who interferes or interrupts that sacred connection she has whilst moving to the rhythms;  i.e no ‘small talk’ or frivolous socialising allowed whilst she inhabits that hypnotic dance vortex she readily transports to when the music meets her quality standards for taking off to outer orbit! 

Shortly after our initial meeting, I had the pleasure and most inspiring honour to witness a person course her trajectory and plan of vocation and stardom and actually manifest it in a manner that displays the classic template of what it means to follow one’s dreams, reach for one’s goals and to methodically arrive ‘there’ in a way that highlights the process of what true appreciation of one gifts, work ethic and full potential is all about.  

It’s been an absolute joy, honour and adventure to know Mokka and witness her journey-dance-awake-dream to greatness ‘realise’ and where she plans to beam her creative interdisciplinary force next, remains a most thrilling and inspiring notion to ponder. Watch out and if you see her on the dance step back and she may give you a clue or two!

Go Mokka Spectrum!!!” – ElfTranzporter

ElfTranzporters diverse range of Projects and crews!

L’alibi – BASHKA Source: BASHKA
P.Smurf – Unify (feat. Joe Snow, Elf Tranzporter & Ragga Army) Source: BigVillageRecords
Shūnya – Elves in the Bodhi Forest (Feat. Elf Tranzporter) Source: Shūnya
Combat Wombat album launch live on the Melbourne PTV Source: Combat Wombat and mojafilm

ElfTranzporter on Stage!

Proud to call him my friend!

Photo by Monkey Marc
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