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by Carina Diesing

My collection was called “force of nature” when I first presented it in October 2019. 

Stating the human as the worst natural disaster, the worst force of nature. The numbers are Dates of the man made global disasters to remind us of our brutality, strength to suppress and forget things. The difference between societies and the unfair distribution of human basic needs, is also represented in numbers and material I chose for my clothing.

The clothing style and its material, I derived from different types of protective clothing. The human protecting himself from himself. Protective clothing implemented as Streetwear with small touches of elegance, hand embroidered white flowers. The masks are the constant conceptional reminder. 

Since 2020 has made my collection even more relatable and relevant, I renamed it “human20082020”.

To photographically represent my collection, I chose the model, Mokka Spectrum, as enforcement of “human20082020”. My makeup artist, Sarah Buchenberger, creatively enhanced my collection, so the collection concept is clear without masks. We have a character ghost wearing the masks of blame, human and elegance. The ghost represents our ghost of humanity, a creature that we, humans, have created. The colourful character, wearing a fisherman’s life vest like coat and make up that states “ Rebel, no human is illegal” is leaned on a playful human being with strength and hope. The locations were chosen to drag the imagery even more into the absurdity of it all. 

Thanks to the star Photographer Jan E. Siebert, who carefully directed the shoot, we managed in a short time to reach our intended goals.

We are proud to present a fragment of time and art “human20082020”. 


Photographer: Jan E. Siebert,, @jansiebertphoto

Designer: Carina Diesing, @carinadiesing

Make-up: Sarah Buchenberger, @sashupart

Model: Mokka Spectrum, @mokkaspectrum

Original Text in German: Carina Diesing

Translation: Mokka Spectrum

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The Mob Journal New Wave Volume Three Issue #12

“Don’t dress to kill, dress to survive.”

– Karl Lagerfeld

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