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A non-profit organisation offering free of charge education for the underprivileged children of Gaunshahar village in Nepal. Enjoying a stunning location in the hillside beneath the Himalayas, it continues to grow and flourish with volunteer support.

Heaven Hill Academy is the first 100% free private school in Nepal. Located in Gaunshahar, one of the poorest regions in the country, we cover all tuition fees, uniforms and school materials for children from the lowest castes and economic backgrounds, easing the burden on families and allowing children to focus on learning in a non-violent environment that promotes self-development and creativity.

Heaven Hill Academy does not receive any government support, therefore depends solely on donations and volunteer support from around the world!

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Be part of a violence free, safe zone to flourish and prepare children for life!

In 2014 I discovered a post written by Shamser Thapa in one of the travel communities on couchsurfing.org. By getting in contact with Shamser Thapa, he inspired me to want to know more about Heaven Hill Academy and nepalese culture. So to share my support, I integrated Heaven Hill as my number one cause to contribute as much as possible, by making people aware, selling merchandise, donating money and promoting a world changing experience by volunteering at Heaven Hill.

Heaven Hill has currently 200 students from nursery to grade 6.

Class separation is deeply rooted in nepalese culture. Violence is also a long, long tradition within families and establishments like schools. Shamser Thapa is the first to have broken the cultural strains to change people’s mindset about some of the traditions. He has a strict no-hitting policy. He also educates for free as well as gives the children all the necessary tools to learn and have fun. What Shamser Thapa is doing is revolutionary in Nepal. With that he faces many challenges and gets no support from the government. In fact, several times the government has denied his request to obtain a permit to build and open his schools. This continues to be a hurdle in going forward building more schools, expanding the activities and his curriculum of volunteer teachers.

Watch the videos below to get to know Shamser Thapa, the Heaven Hill Community and their collective achievements.
Watch how the children flourish through Shamser Thapa’s humane work!

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Education is the strongest weapon against poverty!


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