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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

This is a call for help! In Nepal, the Gaunshahar village (population of 4500) is forcefully experiencing a second complete lockdown due to a new wave of COVID’19. Most of Gaunshahar’s people have lost their jobs, Shamser Thapa’s schools are closed and earnings can not make ends meet. Under these regulations the imminent threat of starvation is REAL!

With having lost their below minimum payed Jobs, the foundation to support themselves has gone. The Nepalese Government continues to show no support whatsoever.


Their nutrition mainly consists of rice, potato, peas, dal and oil. The foundation of most meals is rice.

Here are the basic nutrition costs in Nepalese Rupees for 15 to 20 days of meals:

Bag of rice 1500 Nepalese Rupees

Potato 200 Nepalese Rupees

Oil 350 Nepalese Rupees

Peas 290 Nepalese Rupees

Dal 300 Nepalese Rupees

The costs converted in USD

Bag of rice 12.94 USD

Potato 1.73 USD

Oil 3.02 USD

Peas 2.50 USD

Dal 2.59 USD

Total cost for 15 to 20 days: 22.78 USD

Total cost for 1 month: 45.55 USD

The costs converted in Euro

Bag of rice 10.61 EUR

Potato 1.42 EUR

Oil 2.48 EUR

Peas 2.05 EUR

Dal 2.12 EUR

Total cost for 15 to 20 days: 18.68 EUR

Total cost for 1 month: 37.36 EUR

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