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Safe to school via Bus!

Letter from Shamser:


One year ago, Heaven Hill Academy could start providing a schoolbus for the children. There are 55 students from age 2 to 13 living near Besishahar, who can now drive to school with the  new schoolbus everyday. 

Because these kids are from very poor families of the lower casts, they cannot afford going to school in Besishahar, so the only way for them to get an education is to go to Heaven Hill Academy.

Without our schoolbus, the students would have to walk up to Gaunsahar for up to 2 hours, which especially for the younger children is just impossible. 

The drivers, the gasoline, as well as the maintenance of the schoolbus are of high costs each month. Therefore, a regular funding is needed to be able to continue providing education to all the students who need it. 

We are kindly asking you to contribute to this project and thank you in advance for your continues support!


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