"The potential of your body is endless."-Thierry Mugler

“I want my models to be bigger, stronger and taller than common mortals. I need superwomen and supermen.”-Thierry Mugler

Phillip Altheimer

The Training

You plan a Runway Show or need your crew to perform like models?

You came to the right person! No matter the experience level, I will coach on how to walk, posture, posing and create a stage image that you will never forget.

-Catwalk training – detailed training on what to do with your feet to always look elegant

-Posture training – walk like a queen but yet stay humble, it’s all about the presentation of the fashion

-Pose training – detailed training to fit the occasion

-Stage imaging / Model choreography – no matter the size of your stage, a memorable image will be created, your concept put in scene

-Artist Mediation – arrangement of suiting Models for your Show – for other artists, follow the link below and go to my Event Planner page

In addition, I’ll manage your next Fashion Show if you book me as Event Planner!

Click here to find out more !(Coming soon…)

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Artsy, Unique, Small and Sophisticated!
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