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Romy Stangl

I’d like to introduce you to a woman, who has a passt that gives her the drive to fight everyday for those who can’t. Romy Stangl is a passionate social woman who thrives to change social traditions and breaks political rules for the greater good. Romy is part of the One Billion Rising movement, chairwoman of One Billion Rising in Munich, Germany and part of Terre de Femme an organisation that aids women in domestic violence cases. She also has established a series of events where social work meets art and released her website begin of this year (see further links below).

Since the COVID’19 has hit the world, the number of domestic violence and child abuse cases has spiked tremendously. The numbers of none documented abuse is estimated to be 4 times higher than the actual facts. In Germany alone every 3rd day a woman gets killed by her closest one / “partner” in her home, this is factual evidence!

Romy Stangl, instead of withdrawing in this bizarr pandemic, has rissen even higher in very short time. She had numerous articles published in local newspapers, creating awareness about the very present issue of daily domestic abuse. She has told her own story so people have an idea what a woman goes through in the different stages of domestic abuse and what women still master (wife, mother ,colleague, friend, career, daily life and social situations) while getting abused. Romy Stangl has also pin pointed ways to be aware of surrounding humans with suspicious symptoms, like the more obvious black-eye or bruises all over the body. Women, for their own safety or in extreme cases because of the Stockholm syndrome, tend to avoid any conversation about the existence of bruises and usually lie in defence ” I fell and hit myself on the…”. The longer the abuse has been happening the better the woman tends to be able to lie, provided she is still allowed to leave her captive “home”. This makes it the more difficult to help.

Romy Stangl has put together a small card on which all frontline help numbers and shelters for Bavaria are on. This way one can secretly let this card get to a woman (no matter which age) in need of help. This is only the first step and a very small one in the whole picture of what still has to be done, so women feel safe to get help.


Romy Stangl knows this card of help and her fierce articles are a small step into the future. But someone has to start speaking out about the systematic and social injustice! The reason why, Romy is gradually provoking politics to help. Her plan is to create a nationwide connected help system, which includes help for the abusers as well. Most of the time abuser have gotten abused and only convey what they have learned best. It is a direct result of the male social role of not getting help when needed neither receiving it. Therefore to stop the vicious circle of abuse, there have to be means of support on both sides.

On top of Romy’s wide spread activism she also is a council and guide for women directly threatened. Romy’s Instagram and Facebook channel is live every Monday for “Romy’s Monday Talk” where she introduces strong independent women from around the globe and walks of life. Since Romy Stangl is German and lives in Germany all articles and TV Interviews are in German. Some of her Monday Talks are in English, so tune in at Instagram @romy.stangl

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SWR Fernsehen “Mal ehrlich … Frauen in Not – wie stoppen wir häusliche Gewalt?”

Romy Stangl wurde viele Jahre von ihrem Partner seelisch und körperlich misshandelt. Erst durch das beherzte Eingreifen der Erzieherin ihres Sohnes fand sie die Kraft, sich aus der gewalttätigen Beziehung zu befreien. “Ich wüsste nicht, ob ich sonst noch leben würde”, sagt sie heute.

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