Mokka was born in Seattle, US, grew up in Munich, Germany, and has lived 5 years in Melbourne, Australia, where she developed her passion for DJing. She lived one year in Lorraine, France to learn French. Spent half a year at the Rivera Maya, Mexico, scuba diving and Djing. Within three years in the States, Mokka got to know the west coast. From Seattle she made it down to LA, where she began to model while continuing to DJ.

In 2015 Mokka jumped once more into the blue and moved to Paris where she tried her luck again but ended up moving back home to Germany. Now she and her Mexican street puppy, Pirata, are back in Munich, where she is currently doing her Bachelor (Hons) in Music Production/Sound Engineering.


  1. Yellow Stargate Festival, Apple Valley, CA, USA (2015)
  2. Paul’s Party (private), Marina del Ray, CA, USA (2015)
  3. Sam Sarpong’s “Who’s Hot in Hollywood”, CA, USA (2015)
  4. “Build a school in Gaunshahar, Nepal” Fundraiser at Philippe Chow BH by Mokka Spectrum & Mochet Photography, CA, USA (2015)
  5. Residency at “The Model Lounge” by Mochet Photography, Philippe Chow, Beverly Hills, CA, USA (2014-2015)
  6. Red Carpet Event by America’s It Girl Fashion TV Show (private), CA, USA (2014)
  7. Purty Thirty Birthday (private), OC, CA, USA (2013)
  8. Double Birthday Bash (private) collaboration with DJ Lucifer & Taylor Blaine, OC, CA, USA (2013)
  9. Alice in Wonderland by Infused Events (private), Seattle, WA, USA (2013)
  10. Halloween & Ladies Night at Sala Rosa Bar/Tapas, Playa del Carmen, QR, MX (2012)
  11. Mokka Spectrum Launch at the Noise Bar, Melb, VIC, AUS (2012)
  12. Spontaneous Creations Photographic Gallery by Mokkas Spectrum $ Pantaloo, Melb, VIC, AUS (2011)
  13. Openheart Circuit Tour, south Island of NZ (2012)
  14. Cure Motel at Remote Control (Underground), Melb, VIC, AUS (2011)
  15. Cure Motel in the Q (Underground), Melb, VIC, AUS (2011)


  • DJ Wasabi (Aus), Opiou (Aus),
  • Suseri (Aus), DJ Dakini (Aus),
  • Spoonbill (Aus), Mortisville (Aus),
  • Mr. Bill (Aus), Combat Wombat (Aus),
  • Astrix (Israel), Infected Mushroom (Israel),
  • Phuturprimitive, Captain Hook (USA),
  • Sphongle (USA), Stimming (Ger),
  • Tim Berg (Ger), Dunkelbunt (Ger),
  • Gaudi (UK), Skream (UK),
  • Caspa & Rusko (UK), Nneka (Nigeria),
  • DJ Zebra (FR), High Tone (FR), Fakear (FR),
  • And many more…