Mokka Spectrum for Pia Bolte by Jan E. Siebert
published in
MARIKA Magazine
Moscow, Russia

A creative installation of talents in times of international crises.
Fashion Designer Pia Bolte’s moto is “great things never came from inside the comfort zone” which fits to the model Mokka Spectrum who is creative, exotic and global. The collaboration was portrayed by the Star-Photographer and Visual Artist Jan E. Siebert.

Jan E. Siebert

Photographer: Jan E. Siebert,, @jansiebertphoto
Designer: Pia Bolte,, @piaboltestyle_onlineshop
Model: Mokka Spectrum,, @mokkaspectrum
Accessoire: Bolted Bikes,, @boltedbikes
Wardrobe credits: Pia Bolte Fashion and Pia Bolte Style 
Make-up: Farah Muhanna,, @fa.muhanna

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