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Dear Creatives,

To finish the start of what’s to come, I hope to inspire you with poem I wrote, finishing the year 2020.

This poem has questions that remain but yet I found closure by writing it. I hope it makes you thing.


I woke up and tell you…

I’ve been beaten. I’ve been blessed. I’ve been stabbed through the chest. Why aren’t you listening? Why aren’t you listening? I’ve been hated, I’ve been loved, I’ve been thrown to rot. Do you hear my cry? Do you hear me?

I’ve been through a lot. I’ve been discriminated against. I’ve been put on a thrown. Do you own me? Do you care? Do you care if I die?

What message is this? So confused… But I should care if you smile. Why should I care if you smile?

Run from me. Don’t die. Stay with me. Rest for a while.

What is gone, has passed.

Thank you for reading!

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